Updated: Nov 28, 2020

You spoke and we listened thus we present you more African print work clothes. To make it real with the current activities/events of the world which includes COVID-19, BlackLivesMatter, EndSARS, ShutItDown among others, here is a dose of freshness to keep your vibes positive plus your sanity safe!

This new collection, IPINLE MMIENU is our way of encouraging you to truly live, take some fresh air, engage in self love, snap some selfies, keep a positive sanity, refresh your wardrobes, connect with loved ones, families, twins, friends, work colleagues. One of the things recent happenings has taught us is the importance of ourselves as human because amid everything it’s only each other we have got! Keeping our mental sanity and sharing memories is the core of life.

The richness of colours of this African inspired designs and the suitability for work (Virtual and Physical) is what makes it great. We are gradually experiencing a new normal when we are expected to adapt to events and truly live. For the purpose of working from home, pyjamas and not presentable work clothes are begin to seem indecent. Furthermore, dressing boring and shabby to physical work place cannot fly anymore. Our Ipinle Mmienu collection sorts this out. It is an African print collection that denotes, positives vibes, decency, fun, African, culture, creativity, and most important togetherness.

Ipinle Mmienu simply means two nation or entity. As you already know no one can survive this current state of the world alone. We need to come together as individuals, state, country or continent in order to brainstorm, form a bigger force, support and inspire each other. Showing love helps us to connect and in the long run conquer and survive it all.

Ipinle is a Yourba(Nigerian) word for individuals, state, country or continent. Mmienu is Akan(Ghana) word for two. In order to produce a perfect blend of African prints the Ipinle Mmienu way, we used two African prints which are Kente African print and Tie and Dye African Print. Also this is an all inclusive ladies collection: plus size, tall, petite, curvy women. This new collection includes ladies two piece suit, jacket,dresses,palazzo, top

Need something brand new and crisp for business meeting, formal meetings, and work gatherings for your wardrobe? Or some fresh African personal styling tips? Hope this new collection of work clothes designs from Mieko Michi sorts you out especially because its modest and decent giving you a sharp look expected of an African Queen.

Be the Lady Boss, Be African,

Be bea-you-ti-ful, Be MiekoMichious!

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