How to measure my body correctly for clothes

Measure correctly! Your Bust Waist and Hips measurement are major statistics for both online and offline women clothing shopping. Its the bedrock! Ensure you do this measurement as often as possible in order to be up to date. Own it! Your body is beautiful afterall☺

When ordering ankara dresses or formal african print dresses knowing your body measurement is still important too. At Mieko Michi, we use international pattern making method / pattern drafting method. This method is technical than free hand. Its widely adopted by more international fashion house because of its standard. It is based on estimate. The main statistics to be known to adopt his is the bust, waist and hips. Leave a comment if you want us to talk more about "behind the scene, my body statistics and the pattern adopted"

We love all body shapes because we all are wonderful and fearfully made. For us to accommodate all body shapes regardless of this method, we do alteration for free before shipping to suit your body measurement if you request for it.

When measuring 📌

👉✔️Dress up

👉✔️ Ensure you are wearing your usual/regular bra

👉✔️Ensure the clothings you are wearing is not bulky or loose. Keep it smart

👉✔️ Use a taperule

👉✔️ You can stand in front of the mirror while measuring. Its convenient and also helps you see what you are doing

👉✔️ Ensure the taperule is positioned on the peak of the bust, waist or hips.

Dont assume ❎

👉❌that knowing only one if these body statistics is enough.

👉❌ that your body shape is similar to your friend's body thus you will wear the same size.

Funny fact 😂😂😂

1. Do you know that we observe that when our clients measure themself(Bust, Waist and Hips measurement) the figures they send us are more reliable and accurate than if someone does the measuring for them. We admit! - It could be stressful though.

Why is this so? We want to believe that its the fact that they put more effort. 😄

2. Sometimes, customers start measuring with the taperule from 1 instead of 0(the edge) Please note! Always start from the edge

3. Sometimes, customers start measuring from the other end of the tape. This implies tapeerule measurement backwards. please note! Always start from the edge

We encourage you give measuring yourselves a try.

Mieko Michi sews custom made / tailor made and sells ready to wear women clothings formal african dresses. Bring it on or shop online our adire dresses, Kente jacket, ankara gowns, african print dresses, african pants, african coat etc flattering, beautiful and quality pieces always.

Lets sew your next asoebi/owanbe, ankara dresses, work clothes, formal african dresses together. Besides, we keep you in the loop from order through production to delivery. International orders are via DHL while local delivery are via local courier. You can walk into our physical store for pickup. Contact us at +2348032061325 or Message or Email right away.

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