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Updated: Apr 28

Lets face it! Sizing is headache. I ordered a dress using the sizing chart only to receive it as too big or its too small in a particular part of the body or the whole garment is over sized. Shopping a dress online can be tricky because you do not get to test the fit before paying. Using the size chart provided by the designer you are buying from, helps you to know what size will be appropriate for you. There is no universal size chart.

What is a size chart? It is a table that contains information to guide you in picking your perfect dress. The size chart is mostly in a table form. It has the column heading on top and rows  heading at the side. The size numbers are at the top and basic heading at the side.This is the most common format.

Some designers have it in reverse but we will be explain using the common format as seen at bottom of page here or down here in this post.  The size rows has three headings which are Bust, Waist and Hips. You need to know your three basic statistics which is bust, waist and hips measurement. Most people don't know their size that is why you need the hand holding Mieko Michi Fashion Designer for Women Clothing gives thus eliminating the fit problem.

Sometimes, you know only one and assume that is enough; its not enough for shopping a African dress online. You need a tape rule which cost about NGN50 or less than $1. Our next couple of blog post will include how to take this basic measurements,please stay tuned.

Another point to note is, do not be worried if on a size chart you didnt see your matching basic statistics. For example, using a size chart, your bust and waist could fall under size 10 and hips under size 12. Not to worry, our individual curves are unique thus we are here to sought you out. The truth is unlike shoes for example, projected sizes for clothing cannot be constant. Let admit it ladies, we are more endowed/really gifted in some part of our body than the other. As for me its my lower body 😉

Currently, there is no uniform standard for sizing in the world. Sizes varies as per the region the business is located, individual designer, target market, etc

What we do?

There is a measure that can be taken in order to avoid unnecessary returns which we do. We offer you recommendation by analyzing your statistics. We process your statistics and ask further questions if there are area of queries in the statistics you provide. We agree with on the body measure / body statistic and then we adopt. This is part of what our holding hands entails. Viola! Your African dress sizing problem solved. You can have your African Clothing made to measurement the way you want it, ready to wear or bespoke. For tailor made a little more measuring can be required depending on the detail of the style/design but its not something you cannot do. All we need is an idea of your body details. Lets do it together. It can be fun being part of the making of your desired style. At Mieko Michi its our pleasure keeping you in the loop too.

Mortar and brick stores allows customers to try on designs before ordering. For online order, so much effort is required to get it right. Its doable. One of the ways to do this is to confirm measurements of final product before shipping. This helps to reduce returns to the bearest minimum.

Here is how to determine your dress size using the clothing size chart.

Step 1. Know your basic measurement . Your bust, waist and hips measurement are your basic measurement.

Warning: Do not jump to conclusion or assume one measurement out of these three. Make sure you measure all the three. Most people know their waist measurement because it aids their figure eight, feeding buying or exercising decision making. Some ladies say it helps them to know if they are adding weight or not. They subsequently assume that if their waist tally with that of their friend, they will be wearing the same cloth size with their friend.  Absolutely not! You can look out for the next blog post on how to take your measurement/use the measuring tape.

Step 2: Pick the largest  number you get out of the basic measurement. For example:

A : Bust 36, Waist - 34- Hips 43. Largest Number is  43

B: Bust 55 waist - 49 Hips - 52. Largest Number is 55

C : Bust 40, Waist 41, Hips 40. Largest Number is 40.

Step 3 : Locate the largest number under the appropriate heading.

For example the largest number under the appropriate heading using the example above is

A Hips 43 B. Bust 55 C Waist 41

Step 4: Determine the size where your largest number in " Step 3" falls under.

Step 5: Check the other two basic measurement. Does it match with the figures in that size?

Step 6 : Wherein it matches perfect! Having a match does not happen in all cases. We are all wonderfully made. At Mieko Michi we love you like that *hugs*.

Step 7: Wherein it does not match, you will need an alteration to get your perfect dress. We've got you on this! Using fashion to create value is our utmost priority. Our clothing solution is to make you happy. We offer free alterations on your designs before it ships. Buy happiness, Wear confidence. Permit me to explain more on this in Step "9"

Step 8: The most important of all steps is to be honest with yourself about your measurement.

Step 9: Certain factors such as the style/design you are buying changes the rule of the largest number under the appropriate heading. For instance, if your largest part is hips and the design you are opting for is an A-line dress. You can opt for the closest size based on the other two headings (Bust and Waist).

question on sizing, lets talk about it. We are willingly to help you.

Also, do you think we can research together or collaborate having a universal sizing chart or any other business? Please reach out to us too. We have done some collaborations and we want to do more. Kindly send an email.

Lets help you wear Africa fashion and style. Reach out to us right away for your African dresses. You can chat with us via Whatsapp or send a mail via our contact Page

Be the Lady Boss, Be MiekoMichious.

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